Hours and Tickets


Hours Waiver Admission

Open Play 

Mon to Thu – 10AM-5PM

Fridays – 10AM – 7PM

(7PM on Fridays thru Oct 28)

Sat, Oct 22 – CLOSED

Sun Oct 23 – 10AM – NOON

Please check “special days” sidebar to see if we are closed for a special day or event.

Holiday Hours

Labor Day
Open – 10AM – 5PM

Sick Policy

If you or your child(ren) show symptoms of being sick, (coughing, etc.) we reserve the right to refuse entry to Milla’s Playland or ask you to go home immediately.  For the health of our customers and staff we will be diligently enforcing this policy.  Please wait until all symptoms have disappeared before visiting the playland.

Rules and Waiver

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Please read our RULES


Socks only inside the play land – for both Adults and Kids.  No barefeet/shoes/flip flops/etc!  Please help keep our carpets clean for all kids but especially the crawlers.

Book A Birthday!

Milla’s Playland specializes in birthdays for kids 6 years and younger.  For kids older than 6, a private birthday is your best choice.  For special hours after 5pm, please call us or visit to see our facility in person.  Book early!

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Open Play Admission
(120 minutes) 

Kids 6 months – 6 years $10.00
Open play is $10 for children 6 months to 6 years old.  Kids older than 6 are allowed to play as long as they are under 49″ height AND can play safely alongside the younger children.   Kids younger than 6 months are free with a paid sibling.   There are 2 free adults passes per *nuclear family (*parents, siblings).

 Secured Infant under 6 months – $5.00
Or free with paid a sibling above.  Secured infant means that your baby is less than 6 months old and must be carried at all times and or secured to a carrier.  Once they are sat anywhere on the playland they are no longer free and will be asked to pay regular admission rates. 

Additional Adult – $5.00

There is a 2 adult allowance per family – parents & siblings.  Additional adults are $5 each.


5 Pack Play Pass – $40.00

Save 20% on your play visits! The pass applies to your child and their siblings, does not apply to friends and secondary family members such as cousins, etc.  Each family still has an allowance of 2 adults.  Additional adults are $5 each.  Limited quantities available. 


Please visit or call us at (703) 743-1894 for more information.


 # of Children 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
1 $70.00 $140.00 $240.00 $400.00
2 $120.00 $220.00 $400.00 $720.00
3 $150.00 $300.00 $560.00 $900.00
4 $180.00 $340.00 $650.00 $1,080.00
5 $200.00 $410.00 $750.00 $1,260.00

  (Please note that hours and pricing are subject to change.  Please check our website for updates)

Milla’s Playland is an indoor playground for kids 6 and younger!