Parents, legal guardians and agents, please remember to sign our convenient online waiver before your trip to Milla’s Playland. This will help you with a speedy check in. The online waiver expires in 6 months – so no need to sign a new one per visit! You also have the option to sign a paper waiver which is good per visit.


Parents do you have other relatives, nannies, etc. that you would like to authorize to watch your child while in the playland? If so, please sign the waiver and at the bottom you may list the additional authorized persons.

If your child shows symptoms of being sick, we reserve the right to refuse entry to Milla’s Playland or ask you to go home immediately. For the health of our customers and staff we will be diligently enforcing this policy.


  • Parent Supervision: Parents and guardians should ALWAYS be supervising their children.
  • Restrooms: Children must always be accompanied into the restroom-NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Socks Only: SHOES ARE PROHIBITED – everyone, both children and adults – must have socks on at all times NO BARE FEET. If you forget, we sell socks ($2.00 for adult socks and $1.00 for kid socks).
  • Outside Food: Snacks and Drinks are ONLY allowed in the designated snack areas. Absolutely no food or drinks in the play area. Small parties are not allowed unless coordinated through the facility.
  • Nut-Free: Milla’s playground strives to be a NUT-FREE FACILITY.
  • Waiver: Waivers must be completed and signed BY the child’s parent(s). Parents can then assign additional authorized persons on the waiver.
  • Good Behavior: No running, no hitting and no rough housing. Misconduct will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the facility.
  • 0-6 Ages: Parents must follow age recommendation for each play area.
  • Clean Up: Toys should be left in the appropriate station(s) and or house(s). This will give every child the chance to play with the toys within that particular area.
  • Outside Toys: Outside toys are not permitted inside the playland.
  • Dress Ups: Pretend Play Costumes should never be worn in the restrooms or while enjoying lunch or snacks.
  • Stroller Parking: Strollers must be parked at stroller parking area. Baby carriers may be brought inside.

We want you to have fun and enjoy our facility. If you feel that others are not following the rules, please bring it our attention and we are happy to assist!